Welcome to Center for Innovation in Engineering and Industrial Technology

CIETI is a multidisciplinary research and development group of the School of Engineering (ISEP) - Polytechnic of Porto. The activities of CIETI are divided into three lines/groups:

+ Biomaterials and nanotechnologies 
+ Engineering and process, energy and environment
+ Remote laboratories and test and debug system

The center promotes scientific research and the development of new products, processes and systems which contributes to industrial innovation. CIETI also supports scientific education at ISEP integrating undergraduate students, master's students and co-supervising doctoral theses.

+ Vision
To promote scientific and technical research linked to local industries which goal is to create new products, processes and/or systems contributing to innovation and industrial competitiviness.
To ensure the scientific and technological dynamics of masters and doctorates.

+ Mission
To promote scientific research in:
- Eco-sustainability and circular economy (environment, energy and waste management);
- Optimization of chemical and industrial processes;
- Biomaterials and nanotechnology;
- Remote laboratories and engineering education.

+ Values
- Sustainability
- Innovation
- Excellence