The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Industrial Technology has its own equipments (table 1) for analysis of several parameters. The partnerships with Chemical Engineering Department (DEQ) Laboratories  and the Center for Water Studies (CEA) allows to extend the provision of services to other areas/parameters.

In the specific area of oil / fat and biodiesel industry, CIETI carries out tests in accordance with the current national and/or international standards, as shown in table 2. 

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Table 1 - Available equipments at CIETI.
 - Surface areas and pore size analyser (QuantaChrome Nova Series 4200e)
 - Combustion gases analyser (HORIBA PG-250 c/ DATA LOGGER)
 - Gas Chromatograph - FID and TCD, with autosamplers (DANI GC-1000)
 - Gas Chormatograph - TCD (DANI GC-1000)
 - High Efficiency Liquid Chromatograph (LC-40 XR)
 - Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (OXFORD INSTRUMENTS X-SUPREME 8000)
 - UV-VIS spectrophotometer (SHIMADZU)
 - Burning Systems
 - Microcentrifuge and refrigerated centrifuge
 - Gasification reactor
 - Calorimeter pump
 - High performance cryostat (LEICA CM1860 UV)
 - 1200mm chemistry fume cupboard
 - PXI system with NI PXI-1033 chassis
 - NI PXI-1033 chassis
 - Set of PSoc plates type CY8CKIT-043
 - Development boards of NEXYS4 and ZYBO type FPGAs
 - KNX, Arduino and Raspberry Pi development boards

Table 2 - Parameters analysed to fats/oils and biodiesel and associated standards.
Parameters Standard
Acid value  EN 14104
Iodine value  EN 14111
Saponification value  NP 940
Specific density  EN ISO 12185
Total FAME and Linolenic acid methyl esthers   EN 14103
Suphur content  X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
Viscosity  NP ISO 3104