Raúl Cordeiro. "Evolutionary Online Labs". PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
Supervisor: José Manuel Fonseca
Co-supervisor: Gustavo Ribeiro Alves
In progress.

Ana Filipa Almeida. "Energetic valorization of glycerol and animal fat by gasification". PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto.
Supervisor: Carlos Pinho.
Co-supervisor: Rosa Pilão.
In progress.

Natércia Lima. "Learning from complementary ways of developing experimental competences". PhD in Engineering Education. University of Salamanca.
Supervisor: Francisco Garcia-Peñalvo.
Co-supervisor: Maria Clara Viegas.
In progress.


Razwan Mohmed Salah Najimaldeen. ”Remote and Virtual Labs for Engineering Education: Online Labs Federation in the MENA Region”. PhD in Computer Engineering. University of Algarve.
Supervisor: Pedro João Valente Dias Guerreiro.
Co-supervisor: Gustavo Alves.

Gina Maria Oliveira Vilão de Ramos. "Electromagnetic characterization of graphene nanofluids". PhD in Applied Physics at University of Vigo.
Supervisor: Maria Teresa Pérez Iglesias.
Supervisor:  Miguel Ángel Rivas Soilán.
Co-supervisor: Rui Silva.


Nuno Eduardo Dias Gueiral. "Ultrasound propagation in breast tissues - contribution to the diagnosis of tumors". PhD thesis in Applied Physics at University of Vigo.
Supervisor: Jaime Perón Fernández.
Co-supervisor: Elisabete Nogueira.

Maria de Fátima Gomes Cardoso e Coelho. "Dielectric properties of CuO and Al2O3 nanofluids". PhD thesis in Applied Physics at University of Vigo.
Supervisor: Maria Teresa Pérez Iglesias and Miguel Ángel Rivas Soilán.
Co-supervisor: Elisabete Nogueira.


Vanessa Alvarenga Mesquita. "Selection of yeasts with potential use in bioremediation processes and physiological evaluation of trace element impact on cells". PhD thesis in Agricultural Microbiology. Universidade Federal de Lavras, MG, Brasil. February 25, 2015. 
Supervisor: Cristina Ferreira Silva e Batista. 
Co-supervisor: Eduardo V. Soares. 



Ricardo Jorge Guedes da Silva Nunes Costa. "An IEEE1451.0-compilant FPGA - based reconfigurable weblab". PhD thesis in Information Science and Technology at University of Coimbra. January of 2014. 
Supervisor: Gustavo Alves.

Luís Manuel Couto de Oliveira. "The effect of optical clearing in the optical properties of muscle". PhD thesis in Biomedical Engineering at Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto. November 4, 2014.
Supervisor: Maria Inês de Carvalho.
Co-supervisor: Elisabete Nogueira.


Teresa Augusta Ferreira de Araáujo Pimenta. "Flow and Heat Transfer Studies in Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids in a Helical Tube ". PhD thesis in Chemical and Biological Engineering. Faculty of Engineering of Porto. January 7, 2011.
Supervisor: João Bernardo Lares Moreira de Campos.